Sunday, March 6, 2011

OWL's New Home on Blogger!

Welcome to Our Washington Life's (OWL's - cute acronym, right?) new home at Blogger!

I am really indecisive, as I've mentioned here, but thanks to some "inner soul searching" on my part, and some long email, gchat, and phone conversations with Danielle, I decided to move our blog from Wordpress to here!

While I know that Wordpress offers a huge amount of flexibility and options, and that many professional bloggers and "web-people" like love Wordpress, I was just not feelin' it...

First, I felt like my design was boring. I made it as fun as I could, but without paying Wordpress for more options and design flexibility, AND, without knowing enough about HTML and CSS to design something "cooler" anyway, it made making a funner more fun blog pretty impossible for me. (Plus, as much as I would love to learn all of that web-designy stuff, my goals list is already pretty long!)

Secondly, the whole point of this blog was to share Our Washington Life with our family and friends all over the country. It wasn't about using "the best" blogging platform. And, it certainly wasn't about me conquering the intricacies of said blogging platform. The whole point was for me (and hopefully Chris soon!) to write, and share, and communicate with our friends and family. It was supposed to be fun for us, not frustrating!

So, weclome to OWL's new home on Blogger!  Please bookmark our blog, subscribe to it, and share it because it's for you!

1 comment:

  1. I went through the same thing when I wanted to start a blog. Even though it was just mostly for me, I wasn't sure what the best site was to use. I had thought about wordpress, but I had used blogger a long time ago in the past, and liked it. So far I haven't had many issues at all here!

    So welcome :)


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