Friday, March 18, 2011

My senses tell me it's spring.

My senses are telling me that it's spring-time for Hitler and Ger-manyyy! (Gosh, I love The Producers!) I know that spring doesn't technically begin until this weekend, but I am going to go out on a limb and say that spring is officially here! (And, watch it snow tomorrow.) My senses are just telling me so . . .
  1. I can smell spring. Spring has a certain smell, right? It could be the smell after those first big rainstorms of the season. Or, it's probably just the smell of compost and mulch that people are putting on their gardens . . . mmm?
  2. I can taste spring. Kinda. I swear I smelled some barbeque yesterday, which got me salivating for that spring and summer food. Mm mmmm.
  3. I can feel spring. It is supposed to get up to 75 degrees today. I did not take a coat/jacket to work. And, my office window is open (and it's not to offset the unbearable heat from the radiator.)
  4. I can hear spring. No sounds mean spring more to me than the clank of hurdles and the scuffle of feet on a track! And, since I walk past a high school track everyday on my way home from work and the high school team's been out practicing, it must mean it's spring!
  5. And, drumroll . . . I see spring! Color! Flowers! Life beyond the drab greenish brown of winter! (which also means Chris and I need to get cracking on our own "color"/garden . . . )
Daffodils? Tulips? I don't care, it's some color!
Now, my St. Louis readers, I know you guys got some snow this week, but I promise spring will be there soon too ; )

Happy Spring everyone!

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  1. There were people BBQing on our work patio this week! and then all I wanted was to go home and BBQ and have a beer and for it to stay 75 degrees and sunny forever.

    wishful thinking.


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