Friday, October 28, 2011

Seeing Red

I never thought today would come. (This day being Game 7 of the World Series!!) Like many Cards fans out there, I never ever expected them to make it to the Worlds Series, much less make it to a Game 7. This whole season I've thought the Cards weren't all that great, just average (still better than the Royals and Nationals though). Even that last week of regular play, I didn't think they would beat the Braves in the Wild Card race. And now look where we are - Game. 7. of the. World. Series.

One of my co-workers, a Phillies fan, aptly pointed out after we beat the Phillies and the Brewers that maybe it's been my low expectations of the team that has gotten them this far. I don't know if it's their underdog status in many people's eyes that has somehow pulled out all these wins (or, it could be major hitting by the likes of Berkman, Pujols, and Freese), but I'll keep doing whatever I'm doing to help - you know, the typical superstitious rituals sports fans do.....

Soooo, for the last 3 weeks (since the Cards/Brewers series) I have been wearing something red and/or something St. Louis-y, every. day. Call me crazy, but it seems to be working. Me wearing something red or St. Louis-y = Cards winning each series. Makes sense, right?

Now, I'm not going to turn this into a fashion blog with pictures of myself in all of these fantastic red outfits, but here's a list of my "ritualistic" Cards and St. Louis garb:
  • 2 Cardinals baseball hats
  • 2 Cardinals t-shirts
  • a red American Apparel tee
  • 2 red cardigans
  • a few red sweaters
  • a pair of red flats
  • St. Louis map pendant (a "bad day" gift from Chris a few weeks back)
  • Missouri state necklace (a "honeymoon" gift from Chris. I seriously have the best husband!)
  • To top it off, I have a wide array of Cardinals cups and glasses to put my beer water in as I watch the games!
And, maybe to make you laugh at my ridiculous "red"-wearing, here is a photo Chris took of me last night in the midst of the extra innings. Complete with my red American Apparel tee, St. Louis necklace, and, yes, a double-rally cap. (Excuse the crazy face. I maybe had too much wine/beer and it was past my bedtime...)


 So far, my red-wearing has worked because the Cards had an outstanding night last night in Game 6 and are on their way to beating the Rangers and winning their 11th World Series! And you better believe I am wearing red again today (a cardigan and my trusty St. Louis necklace). Let's hope it holds out for one more game!
Go Cards!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vacaciones (spanish for vacation)!

I have a good excuse for being MIA the last couple of weeks: Chris and I finally got to take our vacation!! Not only was it one of my 2011 goals, but it was also our "honeymoon." Yes, we did technically take a honeymoon after our wedding (over 2 years ago), but really our 4-day trip to the beautiful Hermann, Missouri was not enough for us semi-world-travelers! So, we finally found the vacation time and moolah to get away, just the two of us :)

Not to make anyone jealous on these frigid fall days (ok, maybe a little jealous), but here are some photos of our perfectly relaxing vacation to Playa Mujeres in Cancun, Mexico. Sigh.








The trip was perfect. We had our own private rooftop pool with amazing views of the beach. We had ah-mazing weather the entire time. We took a trip out to the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza one day, which included a dip in a freshwater pool in a cave! We definitely took advantage of our all-inclusive status by sipping on fun drinks all day and ordering room service at night. And, I even convinced Chris to get a mud massage with me, which included an awesome hydro-therapy session (that we both secretly liked better)!
But, it's back to reality. We both dove back into work, homework, and life this week . . . but not before brainstorming ideas for our next vacay - Greece again? Napa? Germany? Vancouver, Montreal, Alaska? 

Until then, I'll keep looking at these pictures and dreaming!
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