Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bear with me.

Bear with me, I am a perfectionist.

I just wanted to let my readers know (which is probably just Danielle) that this blog will be "under construction" and constantly changing until my perfectionist-self deems it perfect. While it looks fine right now, I will, and already do, want to change things.  And changing the aesthetic look of my blog will require lots of decisions - decisions about fonts, colors, format, images, etc. etc. etc. So please bear with me as I undergo the pressures of decision making.

Also, please see the cute pictures below of "bears" in my life.

 One of my childhood dogs, Bear (one of the best dogs ever!) Courtesy of Danielle

Knut, Berlin Zoo
A real bear, baby Knut, that I saw in the Berlin Zoo (who wouldn't want to cuddle with that?!) Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

(PS - Doesn't "bear with me" look strange. It's one of those phrases everyone always uses, but I never realized until I typed it now that it is "bear" not "bare." Looks kinda weird, that's all. )


  1. I'm sincerely hoping that you're intending on adding pictures of Grizzly (Bear) and Teddy (Bear). Wouldn't wanna leave them out.

  2. How cool that you got to see Knut! I've been to Germany a couple times, but never as far north as Berlin. I hope to return one day though!


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