Sunday, February 6, 2011


Welcome to my blog! (Whoever you are out there!)

I’m going to keep this very first post short and sweet (hopefully) and let you know why exactly I am joining the blogosphere. Two reasons:

  • 1) To stay connected and share my life with my family and friends across the country; and

  • 2) My New Year’s resolution. (WhenI say “resolution” I really mean something more like “goal” because I hate the idea of resolutions)

No, my New Year’s resolution goal was not to start a blog. Well, not exactly. My New Year’s goal was to try to do everything that I’ve always said that I wanted to do. Kinda overambitious, right? But really, what have I been waiting for?

. . . I kept finding myself thinking that I wanted to do such-and-such, but never thought when I wanted to do. I never gave myself a timeline or date, until now. 2011 will be the year that I start doing everything that I've said I wanted to do:

  • Keep in touch with family and friends better. Since we moved from Missouri to Washington, DC it has proved difficult (for me) to keep in touch with family and friends in the Show Me state and beyond. This blog will help (along with letters, cards, emails, and calls.)

  • Blog. Ok, ok, yes, blogging was part of my New Year’s resolution goal. Honestly,  I’ve been thinking about starting one ever since I moved out to DC in order to share our life with friends and family “back home.” It’s been over 2 years since we moved, so I guess it’s about time I start sharing.

  • Get certified to teach secondary social studies. Since I was in high school I’ve wanted to teach high school. (I had a not-so-great teacher that I swore I could do the job better than her!) Buuuut, because I am the WORST decision-maker EVER I always found other interests that I thought would lead to “cool” careers. So, I have finally started classes this semester that will, hopefully, lead to certification by May 2012! (Remember, I cannot make decisions for the life of me, so who knows if I will actually ever teach!)

  • Run a Half Marathon (or two . . .) I ran in high school. I earned a scholarship to run in college (although I quit the team 3 weeks in). But, I’ve never even ran a race longer than 6 miles. That will change come this spring though when I run the half in the 2011 National Marathon on March 26! And, I am already contemplating another half marathon, the Marine Corps Historic Half, on my birthday and even a trail-run race along the Potomac!

  • Skydive. (Over the Keys perhaps, Kelsey?)

  • Do genealogical research. (Dorky, I know.)

  • Learn to sew. (First I need a sewing machine. And, something to sew.)

  • Learn some photography skills beyond auto and manual settings, and the flash.

  • Eat healthy/Perhaps learn to cook healthy-ish things. (I will NOT be giving up french fries though!)

  • Read more. Obviously, more history books. Well, honestly, probably more historical fiction. And, regular fiction. Although, I could get fancy and read about something like historical architecture, who knows ....

  • Decorate my/our new house! (This one I am probably most excited about, but I’m afraid it will be a never-ending process with my oh-so-decisive decision-making skills.)

So, there you have it, although not short and sweet as promised (sorry!). One of my New Year’s goals was to start a blog about living here. And one of them was to stay connected with everyone I love out there. And then there is everything else. . . So, over the course of this blog’s life I will be sharing with you the progress towards my current and future resolutions, and mine, er, our life (let’s not forget about Chris) in Washington. Duh.


  1. I want to know any good historical fiction books you read!! I especially have a thing for historical romance fiction novels... what can I say, I like trashy porn :)

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  3. While I'm in CA, you are welcome to use my sewing machine to learn on! I even still have the manual for it! And when I get back, I can teach you how to quilt, if you want to learn. :-)


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