Friday, February 11, 2011

Forgotten goal: Vacay!

In my first blog post I told you all of my resolutions goals for 2011. That is, all of them but 1: a vacation! I have no idea how I forgot that one considering that it seems to be all I think about these days (and considering I read and re-read and re-wrote that first blog post over and over out of nervousness and my perfective tendencies) . . .

Anywho . . . it is one of my ULTIMATE goals this year to go on a VACATION. And no offense to my family, but a vacation is not a weekend back to St. Louis, or Kansas City, or Tablerock Lake, as much fun as it is and even though I do miss you all!

Said future vacation will include:

  1. Just Chris and I. We had a lovely honeymoon. In Hermann, MO. And before that, the last vacation we had that was just the two of us was almost 4 years ago when we went to Europe (and got engaged). That is too long of a wait for me.

  2. Sunshine. Lots. of. sunshine. So that I can put on a bathing suit and get a tan. And, as my dad would say, "Get a little skin on that color."

  3. Re.lax.ation. Pure, relaxation. I want to bring a suitcase full of books and games (we have a thing for Yahtzee, and Sorry!) and read/play them all. And, I want to fall asleep on a beach or by a pool after reading my books and playing my games.

  4. Water, preferably a beach. I may not even get in the water (because I'm not a huge fan of salt water), but there MUST be water.  We did find an all-inclusive "adventure" resort in Mexico that wasn't on a beach, but had cabana rooms with private pools. Nice.

  5. Speaking of all-inclusive, lots of food and drinks are necessary. I like food, Chris likes drinks. While an all-inclusive place isn't completely necessary, being surrounded by easy options adds to #3.

  6. Culture/Adventure. While I say I want complete relaxation, I don't know if Chris and I can truly sit around for that long. So, we need a place that has some sort of culture and adventure that we can partake in when we get bored from relaxing - a historic site, zip-line, something.

  7. Affordable. Let's not forget about the price. We did just buy a house this year and we both decided to go back to school, so something really affordable is essential for our tiny bank accounts. We're thinking that the Caribbean, Mexico, or Costa Rica are good options . . . but if you have ideas, please share!!

Now, you might be thinking that a vacation isn't really a goal as much as it is a wish. But, to us, it's a goal. The definition of a goal is: the result or achievement toward which effort is directed. Our efforts will be directed towards making our vacation dreams come true (aka, saving our pennies! . . . and getting in swim-suit-wearing shape.).

I can't believe I forgot to list it, but now it's out there. And MUST be achieved (or else I might go crazy)!


  1. I've resorted to making tiny vacay goals.... Bigger trips like Orlando (summer?), Colorado (March!) and Pacific Northwest (in the fall?); and hopefully smaller weekend trips to KC, Columbia, Chicago, Memphis and, of course, Tablerock.

  2. Hey Kristin! So excited to see your blog. I started one a year or so ago with the same intent of keeping in touch with people back home.. But anyway I was goingnro suggest the Dreams resort in Maya Riveria, Mexico. If I remember right, it's about an hour and a half from Cancun, which is a good distance. But the food and drinks were great and the hotel itself is only a ten minute cab ride to the Mayan ruins.

  3. Thanks, I'll keep that place in mind!!


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