Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to School

As you probably know, unless you live in a hole and only ready my blog (which is strange), it is back to school time across the country. This means, it is back to school time for Chris and I as well. You see, Chris is a fancy-schmancy, farty-smarty doctoral student in, *gasp*, statistics, and I will be continuing to take classes this academic year in pursuance of secondary education teacher certification. And, on top of that, I work for a university in the DC area. So, needless to say "first week of school" chaos has been on my brain this week. Whether it is the random undergraduate that pops their head into my office looking for a classroom or the restroom (which is right behind them, across from my office), the general buzz around campus as students fill the sidewalks and hallways, or Chris and I trying to adjust to our new evening schedules with classes, and soon homework, this week is only the beginning of the craziness...

Amidst the craziness that this semester may will bring, I promise that I will keep this blog updated, for my sanity if anything else! And, most importantly, I am promising myself, and you all MUST hold me to it, that I will continue with all of the home projects that are on my to-do list. These include, among many:
  • Finish stenciling our guest bathroom - al.most.done. . .
  • Create our map and photo gallery wall - supplies bought, now I just need time ; )
  • Create a magnet/chalkboard wall in our kitchen - again, supplies bought, now I just need time.
  • Paint our basement coffee table with chalkboard paint, inspired by this beauty found on Pinterest:
Originally from BHG DIY Ideas
  • Wrapping up the work in our basement, finally, which includes finishing the last bits of drywalling and then painting and cleaning.
  • And, doing other random stuff throughout our house, mainly small things inspired by Pinterest. Possibly stenciling curtains? Doorknob-coat rack? Dressing up our guest room? Indoor garden?!? More painting??
  • Oh, and I haven't mentioned it yet but how could I forget - getting our Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene water damage fixed. Boo. (At least the damage is in a room I haven't painted yet, right?!)
  • And of course, clean our house. Which is still kinda a mess in some areas.
This week, besides starting classes again and being insanely busy at work, I have been and will continue to be busting my butt on finishing stenciling that bathroom. Not only do I want to share with all of you what color I picked, and discuss the frustrations of stenciling a space like a bathroom, but I just want to be DONE with it, because of said "frustrations."

Whether I make it through this week or not, I am rewarding myself by visiting one of my best friends down in sunny Florida for the holiday weekend. Wish me luck in making it to Saturday morning and if I don't write before I leave, have a fabulous "back to school" week and holiday weekend yourselves!


  1. I love the chalkboard paint on the coffee table idea! We have an extra coffee table that I don't currently have a use for. Now I think I will put chalkboard paint on it and it can be a drawing place for Jude in the future!

  2. I saw the chalkboard idea on Pinterest and thought it would be fun for games and such and it'd definitely be perfect for Jude! Chalkboard paint is relatively inexpensive, but I also found a DIY chalkboard paint that lets you make it in any color:

  3. Awesome! You're too cool. :) We need to get together!

  4. You are too sweet! We should definitely get together ;)


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