Monday, August 8, 2011

Green Bathroom!? Help!

In less than one week we will have been living in our house for 1 year and there are a few projects that I want to wrap up before that looming "anniversary" date. One of these projects includes our guest bathroom, and while I have ideas for the bathroom in my head, I need your help making those final decisions (because sometimes I cannot make them)! And really, besides Chris, our guests (you) will be using it! So, how would you like your guest bathroom?

Okay, here we go... First, I have a navy blue shower curtain that I love and want to keep, AND, I found these two absolutely great candle pillar things that gave me inspiration for that space that I want to use in there as well (see photos below). So, a couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to stencil the bathroom! I've never stenciled before, and I figured our small-ish guest bath would be a good place to start. Using the "candle pillar things" as inspiration, I painted our bathroom green as the base paint to the stencil (Martha Stewart Rhododendron-green to be exact).
Green walls, navy shower curtain.

Pillar candle thing, green walls, navy shower curtain.
 I have also picked out the stencil - the Casablanca allover stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.

Casablanca stencil. Swoon! (source)
 Soooo, I have the base paint, I have the stencil, but now I need help deciding what color to paint the stencil and I don't think I can do it alone! I know, the green base paint is pri-tty overwhelming. We have loooovely tall ceilings in our bathroom that make it seem surprisingly bigger than it really is, and this green is literally weighing everything down. I know my stencil MUST be a lighter color to open things back up, but what color?

Perhaps, white? It would end up looking something like this with the green base paint as the stencil outline....
Or, perhaps, just a lighter color green in a higher gloss, similar to what Lovely Crafty Home did...
Or, should I be bold and go with another color, like Martha Stewart's Seaglass? (It would blend well with our hallway color and our guest bedroom color which both have seafoam-y greenish-blue hues...)
Here's the bathroom currently with the candle pillar thingy, for reference...

Is the seaglass color too much? I'm afraid if I go with white it will be a lot of white with the all-white tub, toilet, vanity, and cabinet? Is a lighter green still too much green?? Maybe I should do a builder beige color to blend in with our tile???

Lastly, did I screw myself with spending an afternoon painting the bathroom green? Should I scrap the green and start over?!? HELP! Any and all suggestions, advice, guidance would be MUCH appreciated!

 (In other news, I did finish painting our guest bedroom, which WAS successful and I am absolutely in love with it and WILL be posting about it asap!)


  1. what if you do the pattern in navy over the green that you've already laid down? that might look nice...

  2. i think that the white wouldn't turn out the way you hope since it would be covering a darker color...

  3. I think using a white/cream would look best. It looks like that candle thing had white/cream clay between the tiles....?

  4. could you do a white/cream and maybe only do it half way like a chair rail? I love those candle holders! I also like the idea of a high gloss in the same color.

  5. Thanks for all of the ideas!! I don't know if I'm ready yet to make a decision ; )

  6. I like the flat with the gloss in the lighter blue color.


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