Friday, August 19, 2011

Love me some chevrons!

As I promised, I am finally writing about the progress on our guest bedroom - namely the walls. When we moved into our home a year ago, this is what our sad sad guest room looked like . . .

At the time, I had no idea what I wanted to do with the room. The linens were from my college days, during my shabby chic-phase, and I didn't necessarily want to keep those around . . . So, I started looking for inspiration. I knew I wanted to incorporate a seafoamy-green type of color because not only is that color throughout our entire house, but we were also going to be putting our old living room rug, which has sefoam-y flowers on it, in the space. I was instantly drawn to these images that I found in my search.

Decor Pad.
Coastal Living.

I loved the more traditional styles of the Decor Pad room with the modernity and youthfulness of the Coastal Living room and decided to attempt to throw them together. The first step was going to be painting the bedroom a light yellow. Martha Stewart's "Custard"-yellow, to be exact.

After I finished painting, I was pretty "meh" about it. It seemed just a smidge too yellow for my taste. The room isn't that big, and it just looked like a big yellow box. I felt stuck and wasn't sure what to do to tone down that yellow...That is, I felt stuck until I saw this nursery on Pinterest:

Found on Pinterest. Originally from Ohdeedoh.

The chevron pattern was just too too awesome! I found myself going back to my board just too look at it. Swoon. It definitely brings out a more modern and youthful edge to the room, no? And luckily, Chris was totally on board with painting a chevron in our guest room. My husband is pretty cool.

It all started with a plan:

Yup, we measured the wall, and Chris even took into account the, er, irregularities of the wall. i.e., it is not a perfect rectangular wall, it's more of a parallelogram (I never thought I would ever type that word) with the height and width of the wall being off by an inch. My math-genius hubby though figured it all out and started drawing the points of the chevron pattern for us to tape off.

Yup, he needed a t-square and a level.

Once the "points" were all drawn out, we connected the "dots" with painter's tape.

Ta da!

Then, I got my paint on.

We burnished the edges of the tape with a credit card (classy, I know), but I ended up applying 3 coats of Martha Stewart's "Pot of Cream" paint because I was very very paranoid that there would be seepage and the lines would not be crisp. That would definitely have been a waste of an afternoon! Fortunately though, it turned out perfect, and I am so so in love with the results!


Now, if you remember correctly, earlier this week, our guest room looked something like this:


I took a break from my TV watching though ; ) and cleaned it all up. It actually looks like a room again. Drumroll please . . . .

Now obviously the room is not complete. It definitely needs some curtains, and we really really want to do a DIY headboard (thanks to Running from the Law's tutorial) with a similar seafoam/turquoise fabric. The side table will be going, and unfortunately, probably the "mid-century modern" chair Chris made in the corner (it's too big). I'll be upgrading the lamp and adding some wall art soon, and, I've been looking for a dresser to put on the opposite wall of the bed for some linen storage and such. But, it is technically in shape for some visitors (hint, hint). It isn't too bad right? I know I'm not any kind of major designer or anything, but I'm pretty proud of my skillz so far.

Oh, and you might be wondering about the yellow blanket at the foot of the bed. I know it's kinda dingy, but after this photo was taken I covered the entire bed with it to avoid the white duvet being covered in cat hair. Because, well, as you can see below, a certain cat - Teddy - decided to climb up under it . . .

See the lump. Yup, that's him.

So, that's our chevron wall and guest room, all ready for it's first guests!!


  1. I am so glad you posted about the painting. When I saw the chevron wall the other day, I laughed to myself as I pictured Chris perfecting the measurements. :)

  2. This is perfection, Kristin. Now I want to stay in the chevron room! Commence talking Adam into D.C.!!

  3. this is really cool. i didn't know you were keeping up with your blog. i read the very first one and today i followed the link from facebook. That yellow and white wall looks amazing. Even if you don't do anything else this year, I think you can feel good about that. I really like the picture of the "plan."

  4. Thanks everyone! It was a fun project!

  5. It looks good! And I feel your pain on the cat; Truman likes to sleep on the bed in our guest room (with a light cream comforter) and it creates a nice spot of black cat hair that I have to clean up often. The Scotch Fur Fighter works really well! :o)

  6. That is a great tip, thanks Stephanie!


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