Friday, April 27, 2012

Dear Hand-Me-Down Dresser Gods

Dear Hand-Me-Down Dresser Gods,

I am searching for a lovingly-cared-for-but-no-longer-wanted dresser for our guest bedroom. I would love to have it in time for my parent's visit in mid-May so that I can progress in "finishing" our guest bedroom. See, it just looks so bare without some kind of a dresser to store linens, travel products, and other knick-knacks.


Said dresser would look fabulous with an equally wonderful mirror above it and those lovely aqua-spray-painted thrift-store sconces on either side of it, adorned with crisp white candles.


I am looking for something like these that I can "upcycle" with a nice coat of paint and some new hardware.

Can you please request that the DC area Craigslist, Goodwill, and other area thrift stores that I frequent make some available for me to purchase? Preferably in the $40-80 dollar range, with working drawers, solid construction, and maybe some detail work?

Also, I would love love to happen upon some kind of entry-way table, like these . . .

. . . and a metal bar cart, like this (since my lovely sister nabbed our grandma's!).

Sincerely, your project-starved patrons,

Kristin (and Chris)


  1. Bahaha, the hand-me-down dresser gods! Love it. Those are some cute inspiration photos! The bar cart is especially adorable--tell your sister that you want to work out a custody agreement and share the one she snagged from grandma ;)

    I love the chevron treatment in your guest room, and I wish you luck in finding a fabulous dresser!!

  2. Love it! Hopefully your letter to the gods works, and soon! There's nothing worse than hunting for that perfect piece and being disappointed everytime you come home without it.

  3. Love the blue entry way table, we were given three dressers when we moved in, they are pretty old and boring but planning on painting them. If only we were in the same country you could have one of ours!! xox

  4. I have one I would love to get rid of, but I don't think my husband will let me!


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