Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thrift Store Therapy

First of all, I got my snow day. Except, it happened on a Saturday, boo. So, not only did I not get a day off from work, but I had to do my long run of 7 miles on our treadmill because the roads were too icy for my clumsy butt. (I'm particular about my snow-day parameters!) Keep your fingers crossed for me that we get another one, this time on a weekday . . .

Anywho, you know the phrase "retail therapy"? Well, Chris and I definitely love some "thrift store therapy." After a disappointing trip to Michael's for some craft stuff (they didn't have the framing mat board color I needed), we decided to stop by a Goodwill and, one of our local favorites, Value Village, for some cheering-up. As I'm sure you know, sometimes thrift store shopping is fruitless and other times you hit the jackpot. Today was a jackpot kind of day.

I nabbed some cute brass cut-out tea lights. I think I'll spray paint them a fun turquoise color and add them to our guest bath or bedroom.


I also spotted a small glass serving dish for $1ish that I couldn't wait to use as a tray for some of my chunkier jewelry. (And, I forgot to dust, sorry!)


We couldn't resist these tall silver candlesticks that were $4/piece. They'll go great with the shorter candlesticks my Aunt gave us!


I've been thinking I needed a little bowl to put smaller bathroom items like chapstick and nail clippers and then I saw this dark wood bowl, for $1. Yes, please.


Chris spotted this gem - a "United States of America" mug. Definitely a perfect social-studies-teacher mug, no? I can totally picture myself drinking some tea out of it while teaching my future students about Ameri-cuh. Now, I just need to get the job!


I couldn't pass up these wall-mounted candle holders either. They look a little grandma-y, but I think with a little spray paint and some crisp white candles they will look fresh and fun! I just can't decide what room to hang them in . . .


And, lastly, we scored this AWESOME Budweiser mirrored-clock. Even Chris, the AB-hater, lit up with excitement when I showed it to him. For some reason it reminds me of my parents' basement too (did they have something similar?).


Chris also bought a statistics book for $2.50 that apparently was a "steal." The book didn't even make it out of the car because he's going to take it to work. Dork. :)

I know these probably seem like a misfit of knick-knacks, but I'm really excited about using these new, and cheap, treasures to decorate our house! Now, it just has to warm back up so that I can spray paint some of it. Well, it has to warm up after my snow day!


  1. Awesome stuff! I know you're painting that gold stuff a different color... but you may have something gold for your shelves from Morocco soon! ;)

  2. So what was the totaly bill? No cost on the tea light candle holders?

  3. The tea lights I think were $1/piece and the candle holders were $3-4, so the total was about $35. Not too bad on a lot of miscellaneous knick-knacks!


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