Friday, January 20, 2012

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow, PLEASE!

Who would have imagined that living out here on the East Coast would bring us the most extreme weather conditions? In the 3 and half years that we've lived out here, we've experienced blizzards (3!), a hurricane, tropical storms (2), a micro-burst (small tornado), thunder-snow, and even earthquakes (one that was too small for us to feel and, of course, the one this past summer).

Microburst Damage in Alexandria, VA

Snowmagedon, or the Snowpocalypse. Either way, that's a lot of snow!

Growing up, I thought that extreme weather only happened in the Midwest, more specifically, Missouri, but that's definitely not the case. Sure, our summers aren't as hot as Missouri's, but they're still too humid for my taste, and my hair. And, yes the winters here are definitely not as cold as Missouri's, but sometimes, when the wind is a-blowing, I do feel like I'm back on the frozen tundra that is northeast Missouri (yea, Kirksville!). Either way, we're currently experiencing another weather-extreme here in the DC area - an unseasonably warm winter.

I don't remember what the winter was like when we first moved out here, but the second winter brought us 3 blizzards and almost 2 weeks worth of snow days from work and our third winter (last year) we got a decent amount of snow ice which caused a few early-closings and late-starts at work. Now I may be spoiled, but I want my snow! Correction - I want my snow DAY! (Picture me stomping my foot and pouting. That's how much I want a snow day.) If you don't know already, I work for a local university here in DC, one that actually deems some days as "snow days." (We NEVER had a snow day during undergrad, and trust me, I remember at least 1 day that should've been snow day in my 4 years there!) So, I want my snow day!

Yes, it's lovely to have had a hardly-cold winter so far. Sure, I love 60-degree weather, especially in January. But is enough snow or ice to allow me to sleep in, go home early, or be at home all day too much to ask? Hm, Mother Nature? Hm? We've only had one good snow fall, but it didn't stick and there wasn't much accumulation anyway! Boo!

Now, I know that I'm probably acting like a 5-year old, but I don't care. I want my snow day! Cross your fingers, shake your rain stick, pray, whatever you do, but help me get a snow day! Thank you.

(And, thank you for letting me rant!)

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