Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bathroom Part 3, continued . . .

When I finally revealed Part 3 of our bathroom projects, I mentioned how I was still on the fence about how to decorate the space. I love my color plan for the bathroom, but I know I need to add some artwork and accessories to tie in some of the seafoam and turquoise colors that are in our guest bedroom and hallway.

So, the big question now is, how do you decorate a bathroom anyway?

There is one main area that needs some pizazz - the space above the towel rack.Whatever I decide to put there will determine what I put on the cabinet, etc.



After careful consideration over the last few weeks, I have decided on four different options. Well, four themes to be exact (I like themes):

1. Travel theme
Like I've mentioned before (here and here, oh, and here), Chris and I love to travel. And, because of that I have tons of photos from our travels, but as you can probably guess, they are all just stored on our computer and hardly any are displayed anywhere in our house.

I thought it might be nice to "mod podge" a photo or two onto canvas and hang on that wall, kinda like this:

We have some great photos from Greece, like this one, that I think would compliment the colors pretty well.


2. Bathroom theme
I know, I know, this one is super original. No one has ever decorated their bathroom with a bathroom theme before, right? Well, I saw this cute idea on, where else, Pinterest, and thought 1) it's super easy, and 2) it's super cute.

All I have to do is get cheap letters from a craft store, some cute fabric or scrapbook paper, and mod podge it all together - voila! Plus, if in a few years (or months) I don't like it any more, I can always move them to another bathroom or our laundry area, or, pitch them since this would be a really cheap project.

3. Beach theme
Another incredibly original idea, right? Whoever thought of decorating a bathroom in a beach theme, huh? I think was patrolling Etsy for ideas when I came across these prints. Aren't they fabulous?!

Source: via Kristin on Pinterest

Source: via Kristin on Pinterest

I thought they would look awesome in crisp white frames, or even in dark teal frames and white mats. Plus, they are obviously beach-themed, but they are fun, obviously vibrant, and a more youthful. I mean, who wouldn't want those bathing beauties smiling at them every morning?

4. Presidents theme
Now this is an original idea for bathroom decor, am I right? Presidents?!

So, the background story is this: while our main floor is taking on a map-theme, our second-floor is gradually developing a Presidential-theme. It's only fitting for two extreme history nerds I tell ya. First, we have a small bookshelf outside of this guest bathroom that has quite the little Presidential library developing, including an insanely cool Lincoln bobble-head my sister got me for Christmas. Then, recently we put together a 1000-piece President puzzle that I am mod-podging to hang above said bookshelf. President-love overkill? I think not. Lastly, Chris' mom gave us some awesome b&w sketches of Presidents' homes that I plan on hanging in the guest room (more to come on that later). Since the guest room, hallway, and bathroom will all share the same color scheme, why not share a President's theme? We heart America.

Picture this: President silhouettes, hanging in the bathroom. Kinda like this, but obviously with Presidents:

I'm totally thinking of finding some awesome oval frames, spray-painting them a deep teal color, and popping in a silhouette of some of our fav Presidents. Can't you picture Washington or T.J.'s ribboned-ponytail silhouette'd and staring at you as you shower?? Awesome, right?! (Or, do you prefer the bathing beauties up there?) I definitely think this option would be the most fun, for us at least, and is kinda strange and unique, in a sophisticated way of course.

So, what do you think? Which theme should I go with? And, how do you decorate a bathroom besides towels and soaps?

PS -  What did designers do before Pinterest?!? Seriously.

Oh, and PPS - When you embed an image from Pinterest, how do you get the caption credit to center too? I've tried entering the "text align: center;" code, but it doesn't seem to want to work for me - what am I doing wrong??


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  2. I love the last bathroom. I say president's theme. The silhouettes are rad!

  3. I love the vintage beach stuff... but might be too much with the yellow walls. The black and white silhouettes would look really cool, and let the wall stand out.

    It's funny, bc my bathroom is black and white right now, but accented with bright towels, a mint candle and this silhouette print -


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