Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I know, I have been a horrible blogger the last few weeks. Well, really since I started blogging two months ago. Sorry, readers!

I really do have ideas about topics to write about - such as Chris' first home-brewing experience, my forays in fitness/exercise/getting in shape, our attempts at gardening (aka, my ability to kill plants instantly), and new updates on our house - but I honestly have not had time to write. Mainly because I did this stupid wonderful smart thing called "signing up for two graduate classes while working full-time." (Remember back when I set my goals list and I couldn't wait to get my Teacher Certification courses underway? Ha! Silly me!) Really, my classes aren't hard at all, especially compared to the 400+ pages of reading a week and 40+ pages of writing each semester that I've done for the last two years as a graduate student at George Mason. And, I think, it is completely possible to work full-time and go to graduate school. But really, I'm burnt out on school and have been having difficulty motivating myself to even write a 2-page reflection paper. (NOTE: I have a paper due tomorrow night and yet I'm writing this "much needed" apology blog post.) So, as you can probably guess, I have been procrastinating on 2 papers and a project all semester and now they are all finally due (one this week, one next week, and one after that).

Soooo, I am apologizing now for my lack of attention to this blog because of school, and I am apologizing ahead of time for ignoring this blog until May 6 when my classes are complete. After then, not only will I be back to writing, but I'll be back to enjoying life "after school" - actually having a life and something worth writing about!!

I cannot cannot cannot wait for this semester to be over. . . wish me luck motivation!

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