Friday, May 6, 2011

Did you know . . . that DC can't vote?

Did you know that DC residents do not have equal voting representation in Congress? While every other American has House Representatives and Senators that come to DC and actually VOTE on legislation, DC's only Representative, Eleanor Holmes Norton, CANNOT vote. Can you imagine being a Congressman/woman and not getting to vote? Not getting to exercise your duty in the legislative branch of our government?

Colonial Americans fought the British with the mantra "no taxation without representation" over 200 years ago, however, DC is still fighting with that same mantra today. We pay our taxes to the federal government like everyone else, however we do not have true representation in Congress. If DC earns the right to vote, it will be the beginning to solving a lot of issues that plague our Nation's Capital. Don't let Congress Tread On DC anymore!

Please, help us win that right by signing the petition below and maybe even sending a letter to President Obama and your own Congressmen/women. And, please spread the word to your own friends and family!

Sign the petition:

Check out more information about DC's efforts by visiting DC Vote's website too.

via DC Vote

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